INIT 350: Academic Internship and Seminar - Education

Instructor: Christian Tarchi - Ph.D.
Credits: 3
Course/Lab Fee: 25€
Prerequisite: None
Cross-Listing: Academic Internship, Education

Course Description

This course has two main components: one experiential (internship) and one reflective (seminar). The internship provides students with direct experience in an international professional setting for approximately 3 hours per week. Each internship placement has an in-class seminar which meets every week for 2 contact hours to explore disciplinary theory through readings, discussions, and personal reflection.


In this academic internship and seminar, students will examine educational psychology, pedagogical models, and English language teaching methods. Students will intern with a local public scientifico, Montessori high school, elementary school, or private language school working closely with English language teachers and Italian students. Depending on the placement and the teachers’ needs, student interns will either assist with lesson planning and classroom instruction or design and implement English language workshops with a specific theme such as music or travel. Visit this Umbra blog entry to read about Spring 2013 interns.


Students in this course are encouraged but not required to enroll in PYHD 430: Human Development based on the complementary nature of their internship placement:


 Course Objectives

  • A heightened sense of intercultural awareness
  • An appreciation for how the community partner, as part of the host culture, conveys an identity and sense of place
  • A body of disciplinary knowledge and theory with which to interpret and analyze the internship experience
  • Critical thinking and communication skills as a result of integrating theory with practice and synthesizing learning into a final project

Course Materials

Selected readings will be provided in class.