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The Infamous Nooks and Crannies Tour

With the sun setting over the Umbrian Hills, Umbra Institute faculty member Zachary Nowak and staff member Julie Falk each took a group of twenty students around Perugia for a city tour. However, this isn’t your average historical city tour but rather an entertaining mix of social history, little-known curiosities, and even some local legends. Students paraded around town while learning about the orphanage that once operated in Via Alunni, Perugia’s old marketplace and “the Little Sirs of the Ranieri family”, two piglets who provided free street cleaning in the Middle Ages, the seige of the Goths and the catapulting veal, the aqueduct that brought more debts than water, the infamous Salt War, and more. Students will never look at Perugia the same way again!

The tour was the first in a series of extra-curricular activities, the next of which is a coffee workshop this coming Tuesday.

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