Conditional Acceptance Agreement

I understand that my application for admission to study abroad at the Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy has been approved. I further understand that I have been accepted into the program conditionally as I may not have met one or more of the established requirements for admission. As a mandatory part of my acceptance, and to help ensure my successful completion of the program, I agree to the following:

  1. I will be assigned a program advisor and meet with them as part of my arrival orientation.

  2. I will meet with my program advisor when requested for regular check-in meetings throughout the program.
    Specific meeting details (dates/times) will be communicated upon arrival. Check-in frequency will depend on the student’s academic performance and if any concerns (expressed by the student, or Institute faculty or staff) arise at any point in the semester.

  3. Attend all classes as defined within the Institute’s academic policies.
By signing below I not only reaffirm my intention to study abroad with the Umbra Institute but I also commit to meeting all of the requirements outlined above. I acknowledge that failure to meet the conditions of acceptance may result in disciplinary action, including program dismissal. I understand that program dismissal is defined as a permanent termination of student status from the program, without refund and with all expenses incurred as a result being my responsibility.
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