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IR 410: Research Writing & Methodology (for Food & Sustainability Studies)

Course Description
This course is designed to familiarize Food & Sustainability Studies Program students completing the Certificate Program with the basic methods and techniques of research writing while also providing them with a workshop setting and faculty support to complete an on-going project. The course will focus on such issues as developing a thesis statement, writing a prospectus, finding source material (books, articles, internet resources, etc.), generating an argument, writing and revising a rough draft, and MLA (or in some cases APA) documentation of sources.

To accomplish this goal, each student will write a 12-15 page research paper during the term to be decided on in cooperation with the professor of one of their FSSP program courses or the faculty mentor of their Independent Research Project (in the case of FSSP Research Scholars). From the development of a thesis statement to the editing of the final draft, the student will compose this research paper under the direction of the course instructor and in consultation with other students in the class. Depending on the chosen topic, the student may also work with a faculty advisor in the pertinent discipline—from Umbra or from the student’s home institution. Students pursuing honors theses or independent research projects may develop more extended papers to fulfill individual requirements. The course is also available to creative writing students working on projects requiring extended research. The course instructor will depend on the proposed research.