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Elementary Intensive Italian Language & Culture - (5 weeks)

This a 4-week (5 weeks overall) beginner Italian course series offered as part of the Summer Intensive Italian Language & Culture Program. All US university students will begin at the A2 Elementary level based on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR) Level A1 is for those unfamilair with the Latin/Roman alphabet a,b,c etc. Students will cover the equivilent or two semesters of elementary Italian language and cultural studies receiving a total of 6 credits. 

No previous Italian language Instruction

Course(s) listed on Transcript:
ITAL 110S Intensive Elementary Italian Language & Culture – 6 credits

Weekly Program
Language Class: 12 hours
Skills Development Lab: 4 hours
Pronunciation & Spelling: 2 hours

Tutorial Sessions at Umbra: 2 hours
Co-curricular activities: Varies

All beginner students who have not studied Italian before or who have only a vague knowledge of Italian (false beginners) have direct access to the basic second level beginner’s course (A2) without taking an entrance exam.

The objective of the course is to train you to understand and create frequently used sentences and expressions related to environments of immediate relevance (for example, basic information on people, families, purchases, local geography, study, and work). In addition, you must be capable of communicating in routine situations, providing a simple and appropriate description of their personal experience and environment that refer to immediate needs.

Main Grammar Points covered in A2
Elementi di fonetica, regole ortografiche, genere e numero dei nomi, articolo determinativo, articolo indeterminativo, aggettivi in -a -i -e, verbi essere e avere, numeri cardinali, presente indicativo I-II-III: verbi regolari, presente indicativo I-II-III: verbi irregolari, verbi modali, verbi riflessivi, principali forme interrogative, preposizioni semplici, preposizioni articolate, particella “ci”, passato prossimo regolare, passato prossimo irregolare, verbi modali al passato, avverbi di tempo al passato prossimo, futuro semplice e composto, aggettivi e pronomi possessivi, imperfetto, cenni all’uso di passato prossimo e imperfetto, pronomi diretti, cenni al condizionale semplice.