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  • Discipline(s): Italian Language & Culture
  • Available: Summer Session I
  • Course Type: UniStraPG Italian
  • Taught in: Italian
  • Credits: 6
  • Course Travel: No

Summer Intermediate Intensive Italian Language & Culture – (5 weeks)

This a 4-week (5 weeks overall) intermediate Italian course series offered as part of the Intensive Italian Language & Culture Program. All US university students will begin at the B1 Intermediate level based on the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR). Students will cover the equivilent of approximately two semesters of intemediate Italian language and cultural studies receiving a total of 6 credits. 

Course(s) listed on Transcript:

ITAL 210S: Intermediate Italian Language and Culture (6 credits)

Weekly Program
Language Class: 12 hours
Skills Development Lab: 4 hours
Pronunciation & Spelling: 2 hours
Tutorial Sessions at Umbra: 2 hours
Co-curricular activities: Varies

Placement exam or two semesters of college level Italian language instruction, or completion of the A2 level.

Also students who have a CELI 1 (the internationally recognized certificate of Italian language proficiency issued by the Università per Stranieri) or an equivalent Italian Language Certificate issued by institutions similar to the Università, have direct access to the B1 level.

The objective of the course is to create the conditions for you to begin, maintain, and conclude a short and simple conversation face-to-face or over the telephone, to easily understand simple, routine exchanges, to make yourself understood, and to swap ideas and information on familiar topics. Furthermore, you will be able to interact in situations that may arise while traveling around Italy, to describe experiences, dreams, and hopes, to briefly present reasons for and explanations of opinions, projects, and intentions.

Main Grammar Points covered in B1
Ripasso generale dei principali elementi grammaticali del livello A2, in particolare preposizioni semplici e articolate, verbi riflessivi, passato prossimo regolare e irregolare, avverbi di tempo al passato prossimo, verbi modali al passato, particella “ci”, futuro semplice e composto, aggettivi e pronomi possessivi.

Trattazione o approfondimento dei seguenti argomenti: imperfetto, uso di imperfetto e passato prossimo, trapassato prossimo, imperativo diretto, quello/bello, verbi volerci e metterci, pronomi diretti, pronome partitivo “ne”, forme ce l’ho – ce n’è, pronomi indiretti, pronomi combinati, forme impersonali, condizionale semplice, condizionale composto, gli interrogativi, cenni al congiuntivo presente e passato, imperativo indiretto.