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  • Discipline(s): Italian Language & Culture
  • Available: Summer
  • Course Type: UniStraPG Italian
  • Taught in: Italian
  • Credits: 11-12
  • Course Travel: No

Summer Advanced Italian Plus Language & Culture – (9 weeks)

This is an 8-week advanced Italian course series offered as part of the Summer Intensive Italian Language & Culture Program (9 weeks total). Students will begin at the C1 level of the Common  European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFR). Most students will remain in the same level for the duration of the program.  

Students that complete this program (C1/C1) will receive credit for the following Umbra courses:
ITAL 401S Advanced Italian Language and Culture I (4 credits)
ITAL 402S Advanced Italian Language and Culture II (4 credits)
ITST/SOC 450S Civiltà Italiana: Italian Culture and Society (3 credits)

In some instances, students may advance to level C2. In which case the coursework underwritten may be adjusted to reflect the mastery-level proficiency.

Each program covers topics in advanced linguistic studies, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, dialects and historical linguistics, and supplements the linguistic program with one elective course chosen from a variety of offerings in the humanities and social sciences.

Students in Level C1 may choose from three cultural curricular tracks: Linguistic, Cultural or Technical/Business. These special topics courses focus on various aspects of Italian history, culture, society and linguistics and include courses such as: History of Italian Cinema, History of Italian Theater, Contemporary Italian Literature, Art History, Contemporary Art, Sociolinguistics, Business Communications, the Language of the Mass Media, and Psycholinguistics. While these courses are designed to introduce and study a particular subject matter, they principally utilize the subject matter as a tool for further enhancing language proficiency.

Total Contact Hours
Weekly Program
Language Class: 12 hours
Skills Development Lab: 4 hours
Pronunciation & Spelling: 2 hours
Tutorial Sessions at Umbra: 2 hours
Special Topics: 2 hours (C1)
Co-curricular activities: Varies

Placement exam or five semesters of Italian. This level also open to students who have a CELI 3 (the internationally recognized certificate of Italian language proficiency issued by the Università per Stranieri) or an equivalent Italian Language Certificate issued by institutions similar to the Università per Stranieri.

The objective of the course is to train you to use the language almost effortlessly, in its oral as well as written forms, in a natural and spontaneous manner. You must be able to make yourself easily understood even if the expressions you use are not always correct and accurate. You must have good mastery of a broad lexical repertory in different areas sufficient to allow you to understand specialized articles in newspapers and magazines. In terms of communication, you must be able to choose the most suitable language functions from your repertoire in order to speak and maintain a conversation and be able to express your points of view using a language that is not only appropriate, but also efficient for communicative purposes. You must be able to write clear and well structured texts on both straightforward and complicated topics.

Main Grammar Points covered in C1/C1
Il programma prevede una revisione di tutti gli elementi grammaticali della lingua italiana (si veda anche il programma al livello B2), volta ad attivare una competenza d’utilizzo superiore, adeguata a situazioni che prevedano una conoscenza e una proprietà della lingua avanzata. L’attività didattica coinvolgerà diversi livelli lessicali, d’uso e di contesto (differenti situazioni comunicative, ambiti familiare, di lavoro, di relazione sociale, scolastico-universitario, letterario), cosi’ come di registro (situazioni formali od informali).