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Emily Palm, Ph.D.

University of Washington, Seattle WA

PhD. in Biology, University of Washington, Seattle WA

Ph.D. dissertation: Exclusion, Amelioration, Tolerance: An investigation of the physiological basis for tolerance in serpentine Mimulus guttatus

B.S. in Botany, University of Washington, Seattle WA

Background information

Emily studied at the University of Washington Department of Biology where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Botany and a doctorate in Biology. For her dissertation she focused on the physiological adaptation of a wildflower native to the Western United States to serpentine soils. During her time at the University of Washington, she was a teaching assistant in lecture and laboratory-based courses in botany, animal and plant physiology and ecophysiology, and taught lectures and labs in advanced plant physiology. She was also an active participant in the departmental greenhouse and medicinal herb garden docent program, providing tours to students of all ages, from preschoolers to adult learning programs. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher in a plant physiology lab at the University of Florence where she studies plant responses to abiotic stress and is currently a contract professor at the University of Teramo in botany and plant physiology.

Teaching Philosophy

Emily is convinced that understanding the complexity of the natural world requires us to use all our senses. Though technology has expanded our capacity to measure plant responses to their environment, we are at risk of losing our skills of observation and the simple joy of being awestruck by nature.  Emily works to incorporate hands-on activities in both the lecture and laboratory to enrich her students’ understanding of the underlying principles in biology and chemistry. She encourages them to take the time to make observations and reflect as these are key components of the scientific method.