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Pier Philip Balestrini, Ph.D.

University of Surrey (UK)

Philip has spent a good part of his life in the United Kingdom (UK) where he has trained as a researcher and teacher. He has worked as a senior researcher and lecturer at the University of Surrey (UK) for many years, and has widely published in the field of comparative European politics – more specifically on public attitudes towards socio-economic issues. Besides his teaching and writing commitments, he acts as a management consultant and reviews book proposals in political science and economics for the Springer group.  As a teacher of politics and social science, he sees his responsibility as supporting and challenging students in pursuit of three main learning goals: 1/ Develop students’ critical analysis skills and their ability to learn independently and in groups; 2/ Nurture students’ ability to construct well-structured rigorous political arguments and 3/ Enable students to see the relevance of politics and social science in everyday life.

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