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Viviana Lorenzo, Ph.D.

Università degli Studi di Firenze

Ph.D. in Architecture with a specialization in City Planning, University of Florence, Italy

Teaching since 2010

Viviana Lorenzo has worked for many years managing and designing community participation processes and this has undoubtedly influenced her interest in social and environmental theories in urban planning. As a professional architect and planner, she addresses her practice using the same principles, as she recognizes the fundamental importance of integrated, participatory, and multidisciplinary approach in designing sustainable and livable cities.

Teaching Philosophy
As a student, Viviana never much appreciated “ex cathedra” teaching! Therefore, as a teacher, she tries to facilitate and encourage informal discussion and to stimulate debate among students, often starting from a map, a drawing, or a field trip. Viviana Lorenzo believes that after a good group discussion or a co-planned activity, no matter the theme, participants, including the teacher, will all have learned something (often many things!) that they did not know before.