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Which academic program is best for me?

That depends on your curricular needs and personal interests. The most popular and flexible option is the General Studies Program, but our other programs offer additional opportunities to challenge and immerse yourself while abroad — including our newest addition, the Food Studies Program!

Here is a helpful summary:

→ General Studies– This program is suitable for just about everyone. It offers 4- to 6-credit Italian language courses and a wide variety of electives taught in English, as well as honors courses and several classes taught in Italian.

→ Food Studies– Our newest curricular concentration program employs an interdisciplinary approach to the study of food. The program consists of three courses in food studies, an Italian language course, and an optional elective. Areas covered include the history of food and Italian culture, politics, business, environment and sustainability, food technology, slow food and green (zero emissions) production.

→ Independent Research or Honors Program – This program is ideal for students interested in pursuing an in-depth research project while in Italy, perhaps to get a head start on a senior thesis or to simply explore a field of particular interest. Significant time is allocated for independent, self-motivated work in the chosen field. An Italian language course (or another course taught in Italian for advanced students) is required as part of the curriculum, and honors courses may also be chosen.

→ Direct Enrollment: University for Foreigners Program– This program offers an unprecedented opportunity for students who want to be fully immersed in Italian language and cultural studies. A full academic year of language study is completed in one semester. Students study directly at the Universita’ per Stranieri and their classmates are students from around the globe. This is a great option for Italian majors and minors, although it is best to check with your home school to ensure that the fixed curriculum will be approved.

→ Direct Enrollment: University of Perugia Program- This option allows students to directly enroll at Perugia’s main university, and therefore is only available only to those already fluent in Italian. This program also requires an understanding that the Italian educational system is different than the American one. Semester course choices are limited; students who study for a full-academic year will have more curricular options.

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