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Structured academic and extracurricular opportunities for students to collaborate with the local community to address particular needs. As a result, students are able to understand and appreciate Italy in meaningful, resonant ways. Over 90% of the Umbra student body participates in one or more of these offerings each semester.. Check our page for community engagement opportunities.


Learning The Tricks of the Wine Trade – Summer Internship at Roccafiore

After attending this course, students are offered the chance to prolong their stay and do a summer internship at Roccafiore, an eco-friendly Umbrian wine producer with a vast international clientele. By helping with wine tastings and tours, online sales and the management of their communications, the intern gains insight into the wine industry.

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BSFS 380 - The Business of Wine: Italy and Beyond


The Food Files: Mouthwatering Radio Show

In collaboration with the local online university radio station, students created podcast episodes aimed at bringing awareness to sustainable food practices in Perugia. Through site visits and interviews with community members devoted to this issue, students have documented the many cultural realities of Perugia from a food perspective.

Listen to the podcast...



STFS 330: Sustainability and Food Production in Italy


Urban Spaces Students Build Urban Garden

The mission of the Urban Spaces students this semester: connect a neighborhood through the creation of an urban garden. After months of hard work, community workshops, and meetings with local residents, they successfully opened the “Orto Bello”.




ESUS 310: Urban Spaces: Rebuilding Community in Perugia


INTERCULTURAL Experiences IN PERUGIA: Immigration Center Potluck

Students in this course participate in an educational workshop with immigrants in Italy at the local immigration center to discuss and reflect on cultural experiences as well as challenges and strategies to cope with life abroad. At the end of this semester, an Umbra student organized an international potluck at the center using food as ‘cultural currency’.




PSEU 340: Politics and Economics of the European Union


Discovering the Italian Educational System

What is the difference between Italian and American pedagogical models? There’s no better way to answer this question than by standing in front of a classroom. Students assist with lesson planning and classroom instruction or design and implement English language workshops with a specific theme such as music, dance, and travel.

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INIT 350: Academic Internship in education