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Summer at Umbra is ... Intensive Italian Program, General Studies, Faculty Led and the Archaeology Field School. This summer Umbra is bustling with life!



Umbra's new linguistic immersion initiative has been adapted to this summer's Intensive Italian Program. For four days, students are only allowed to speak Italian. Read about the SoloItaliano Challenge, and how the initiative incorporates elements of gamification to incentivize the learning process!


“This is a dream come true, I hear myself saying words I would have otherwise never used a couple of days ago.” - Jessica Park, Wesleyan University


Forward this initiative to your Italian faculty. Questions? Email student services coordinator Aurora.


Archaeology Field School

After last year’s successful start of Umbra’s archaeological field school in Castiglione del Lago, 10 students participated in the 2015 edition. Students surveyed and digitally mapped a broad area between Lake Trasimeno and Lake Chiusi, participated in a digging workshop, catalogued  archeological findings, and finally prepared an exhibit at the local archeological museum.


Are your students interested in digging abroad next summer? Contact our archaeology coordinator Giampiero Bevagna!


Student profile: Laura H. – one year abroad

Laura H. (Santa Clara University) moved from Los Angeles to Perugia to “get a full study abroad experience." After starting off with a semester of general studies in the fall, Laura completed an intensive Italian program as well as a summer internship.



Faculty-led food courses summer 2016

This summer, a number of visiting instructors from various universities sought to contextualize various aspects of Italian food from various disciplinary points of view: creative writing, journalism, history, sustainability, and literature. For the summer of 2016, we are looking to add additional food-themed courses taught by visiting professors (faculty-led).


We let you focus on the teaching, we take care of the rest! Interested instructors should contact the associate director for the FSSP, Zachary Nowak.


Virtual Info Sessions for Your University

Will I be picked up at the airport? Where will I be living? How many hours of class do I have a week? Students looking into studying abroad usually have a lot of specific questions, which we can help answer. We are happy to set up a customized online info session for your students!


Let us answer your students' questions! Email Mauro Renna if you would like to know more.