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Fall at Umbra is... an Intensive Italian Program, General Studies, Direct Enrollment, and Community Engagement. This semester, fall in love with Umbra's engaging community!


What Majors and Minors Study at Umbra?

Students at Umbra take advantage of a diverse Study Abroad curriculum that aims to develop competencies for all majors and minors—from Education, Psychology, and Art to Business, Hospitality, and Environmental Studies. A student’s experience is enriched through directly engaging the local community, expanding cultural awareness and developing critical thinking methods


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More Italian Students Attend Umbra Classes

Starting in the Spring 2016 Semester, an enhanced partnership agreement between Umbra and the Università per Stranieri. This agreement invites more Italian students into Umbra classrooms and provides an increasingly international community for your students.


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Expanded building

This summer, the Institute updated its space by moving its location entirely to the main plaza of Perugia’s historic center—leading to the acquisition of additional classroom and office space. Through expansion, Umbra obtained extra study areas, a new student lounge, and fiber optic internet. Students are now able to study and relax with views of the fountain in the main plaza as well as the rooftop and mountain scenery witnessed from the new, western balcony.



Summer Internship Offered to Food & Sustainability Students

This past spring, Michael Madigan took part in the Umbra Institute’s Food & Sustainability Studies Program, followed by an internship at the Roccafiore Winery.


“In class we learned about what goes into running a wine business, but this hands-on experience taught me so much more,” said Madigan as he described how he aided Roccafiore through his various marketing responsibilities and by helping with the production process.


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New Faces at Umbra

Aimée Devitto
Community Engagement and Student Services Intern


Ashley Webb
Student Services and Marketing Intern


Aurora Margarita-Goldkamp
Student Services and Special Projects Coordinator


Barbara Cozzi
Community Engagement and Student Services Assistant


Cristiano Ragni
Assistant for Special Academic Projects and Student Services


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