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Service Learning Project in Umbria, Italy

Students from BSEU 390: Business in Europe and BSIM 390: International Marketing have joined forces with the Umbria regional government’s Office of Internationalization for an exciting service learning project. The project is based on helping the regional government preserve and promote the region’s traditional, high-quality handcrafted artisan products (ceramics, textiles and furniture) in Italy and abroad. 

Both classes met with the Office of Internationalization’s director and manager and last Friday, students visited several artisan companies in Città di Castello, a picturesque town near Perugia. Having interviewed company managers, students now have a better understanding of the products’ rich history and their business operations’ strengths and weaknesses.

Now, the real service begins. In class, students will brainstorm and strategize how to promote these incredible artisan goods in the United States. As innovative young Americans, students will apply theories from class and their own creativity to preserve truly old Italian traditions. This real-life case study has practical benefits for everyone involved and is a great example of collaboration between different generations, languages, cultures and countries. 

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