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A Day in Torgiano: Lessons on Wine Production and Marketing at Lungarotti Winery

By Shreya Dhume, University of Connecticut On November 11th, students of Digital Marketing: Wine and Wineries of Central Italy took an early morning bus to Torgiano to learn about the history behind one of Italy’s most renowned wineries: Cantine Lungarotti....

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Umbra’s Critical Disabilities Class Partners with VIVA Sports

By Angelie Roche, St. Mary's College of Maryland   Many of the classes offered at Umbra include a service learning component, which enriches students' education through unique community engagement opportunities. One such course is Critical Disabilities, which includes a weekly...

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A Guide to Creative Perugia

By Jacqueline Inman, University of Vermont        Perugia is home to many amazing sights for visitors to see: the Etruscan Well, the National Gallery of Umbria, stores, and restaurants in the central piazzas, and panoramic views from Porta...

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MPP Workshop Brings Italian and American Students Together

By Angelie Roche, St. Mary's College of Maryland On October 11, Umbra’s Multicultural Psychology program held a workshop entitled “Can you meet me halfway?” which taught students to use their similarities and differences as “a starting point for inclusion” through...

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Lessons from Orti Dipinti: Could this be Orto Sole’s Future?

By Haley Benbow, Harvard University  A 6:35 AM meeting time pulled the students of the Green Cities class out of bed bright and early last Friday morning. We had a train to catch. We were heading to Florence to visit...

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Are kids too pressured to “succeed”? Lauren’s insight from the MPP program

As a student at the Umbra Institute, I was introduced to learning through a new lens. Reading textbooks and taking tests were not part of the curriculum, because my professor understood the beneficial impact of collaboration, internal reflection and involving...

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