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The Renaissance Reborn…On A Platter

Anyone can read Machiavelli’s words on how to rule a state, but re-evoking Renaissance tastes at the table is quite another thing. This weekend Professor Simon Young’s “History of Food and Culture In Italy” class was able to do just. Professor Young, a longtime resident of Florence, took the students to the resturant “La Pentola d’Oro” (the Golden Pot), famous for its

 dishes based on orginal Renaissance recipes.

On the menu were pork in a sweet and sour sauce and beef in chocolate — tastes that are odd mixes for us but were typical in the late 1400s. A good time was had by all, mixing learning with eating! 

The Food Cultures class with Professor Simon Young on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Thanks to Kendall Cassidy from Northeastern for the photo!

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