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Umbra alumna reps Perugia to world travelers

Word of Perugia’s charm has spread: Umbra Institute alumna Stephanie Cavagnaro recently published a travel article about Perugia in Going Global, the blog for a television series for savvy world travelers.  

Full of descriptions designed to deliver nostalgic pangs to her fellow alumni and to remind locals of their good fortune, the article walks its readers through a visit to Perugia, from stops at the Etruscan ruins to the best pizza in town ([very] arguably Pizzeria Mediterranea) to an evening swim at Hotel Brufani. 

Cavagnaro knows her stuff: She studied at Umbra for a year in 2008-2009. When Going Global requested an article for its “Get Out of Town” section, which features off-the-beaten-path destinations, Cavagnaro instantly thought of Perugia.

“Perugia was the perfect choice, being close to both Rome and Florence,” she explained. “I also decided to write about Perugia because of its rich history, location in one of the most beautiful Italian regions, and the delicious food that I swoon over every time I visit. It is a city I miss dearly.”

After her year at Umbra, Cavagnaro graduated from Northeastern University in 2010 with a B.A. in English literature and Italian. She currently lives in London as a travel and food writer; in addition to Going Global, Cavagnaro contributes to Secret Escapes, Sublime Magazine, and others. 

“My time living in Italy and studying at Umbra influenced where I am today significantly,” Cavagnaro said. “While there, I was able to learn about Umbrian culture and cuisine through agriturismo trips, wine-tasting seminars and pizza-making classes. Through these experiences, Perugia was where I first began experiencing the world through travel and food.”

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