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Umbra On The Technological Cutting Edge

Every American study abroad program has computers, digital projectors, and a server, but the Umbra Institute, lead by IT expert Mauro Renna, has leapt into the 23rd century. After having read an article on new forms of electromagnetic reception (actually Jules Verne’s From The Earth To The Moon), Renna decided to introduce some new technologies to the Umbra Via Bartolo Building. The jury is still out on whether or not the aluminum foil will improve wireless reception on the roof of the school, but at least Umbra will save money on lighting in Renna’s office.


Jokes aside, the Umbra Institute would like to thank Umbra staff member (and amico del cuore) Mauro Renna for his five years of IT genius, emergency phone-call response, good spirits, and a ready smile. We wish you luck in Boston and hope you’ll come back soon, Mauro!!!

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