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Umbra Volunteers Celebrate a Semester of Hard Work Dedicated to UNICEF’s 70 Years of Service

Every semester, the Umbra Institute invites students to volunteer with the local UNICEF Pigotta Project, a project that became a national tradition more than 20 years ago. Umbra volunteers create Pigotta dolls which are “adopted” for 20 Euro each. The funds raised pay for vaccinations and lifesaving medical assistance provided to women and children affected by poverty. Each doll symbolically represents a mother and her child who are aided by its adoption. 

Yesterday, Umbra volunteers celebrated the completion of this semester’s project with UNICEF. The organization’s local volunteers excitedly displayed their passion for the cause and their appreciation for student’s work as they presented certificates of participation to the Umbra students. They also shared that the organization celebrates 70 years of service this year, after it began providing aid to European children after World War II, in 1946. One local volunteer even described her memory of the arrival of UNICEF volunteers when she was a young girl and how their work had inspired her to dedicate her time and energy to UNICEF.

This year, ARCW 350: Introduction to Ceramics students are also contributing to UNICEF through the creation of Christmas ornaments that will be sold as a fundraiser.

If you know a student currently studying at Umbra, contact them today to reserve and “adopt” your Pigotta doll and contribute to the UNICEF cause.

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