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3-31-2011 Umbra Institute in the Giornale dell’Umbria

The Umbra Institute has once again appeared in the Italian news, this time in the regional paper Giornale dell’Umbria.

The article, which focuses on the open house that Umbra will be hosting on April 1st to welcome and inform the community that has for so long hosted its students, also explains Umbra’s role in the community. “The Umbra Institute,” explains the Assistant Director for Italian Institutional and Community Relations Francesco Gardenghi, “greatly wants to offer its students the chance to weave themselves into the social fabric of the city.” In fact, Perugia was chosen as the site for Umbra specifically because of its long history of being open to foreigners and its genuine representation of the Italian culture and lifestyle.

It goes on to explicate how Umbra has worked to give back to the city that has given it so much; one way, Gardenghi adds, is through its offer of free admission to Umbra courses – taught in English – to Italian students studying at the University of Perugia.

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