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The most popular academic program at the Umbra Institute is the General Studies Program which allows you to Build Your Own Curriculum, providing for maximum flexibility. Students can create an academic program that best meets their needs and interests. Semester students may enroll for up to 17 credits, which must include Umbra’s Italian language and culture course called Living Perugia. Students fluent in Italian may opt for other course options. Students interested in the MPP or FSE Certificate programs must also take a mandatory 1-credit core course.

Semester Curriculum

ITAL 101-301: Italian Language & Culture course – 4 credits

Three to Four Elective Courses  – 9-12 credits  

Core Course  (MPP and FSE students only) – 1 credit 

Total: 13-17 credits

Students who are uncertain of their proficiency level in Italian, select the course that they feel is most suitable on their course selection form. During Orientation, Umbra Italian faculty will administer a placement exam to ensure that they are enrolled in the appropriate level.

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iStudy (One-on-One Remote Learning)

The Umbra Institute, in cooperation with the University of Mississippi iStudy center, now offers a wide variety of remote independent study courses in disciplines you won’t find among our standard offerings. And, all iStudy courses follow precisely the Umbra academic calendar – start, end, midterms, and finals – so you complete all your courses – entirely during your semester at Umbra. One-on-one remote sessions with the professor provide a level of personalized learning and interaction not possible with traditional remote learning. View  our iStudy course offerings.

Scholars Research Program

The Scholars Program offers students the chance to maximize their study abroad experience by engaging in an individualized research project under the mentorship of an Umbra Institute professor and utilizing the unique resources of Perugia and the surrounding region. The goal is to push students to expand their intellectual and personal boundaries to explore, discover, learn, and create new ideas in an international setting. Features of the Scholars Program include enriching coursework and field experiences, enhanced cultural immersion, and collaboration with other highly motivated students. Click here for more information.


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