Custom Programs Cost Estimator

This easy-to-use cost calculator will give you an a ball park estimate of what your custom or faculty-led program will cost per student with all expenses included. Simply answer the questions below to get an immediate result.

The fees calculated here are for illustrative purposes only but may be useful in budgeting or cost feasibility analysis. Precise figures can only be determined by our Custom Program Specialists after a detailed proposal form is completed.

The fees calculated on this page are just an estimate to provide some parameters for budgeting. The only way to receive a precise quote is to speak with one of our custom programs specialists.



In addition to the services in your estimate, all ISI custom programs include the following:

Program Landing Page with Facebook & Instagram Promotion
Student Lodging in centrally-located apartments within a short walk of the Institute (Sanitization, Wi-Fi, & utilities included)
Welcome Orientation Session
Classroom and Facilities Use (Library, Student Lounge, Faculty Offices, Didactic Kitchen
Student Services Team and Help Desk
Exclusive ISI Abroad Smartphone App (Activities Calendar, Guide, Apartment Maintenance & Medical Services, and more)
Sponsored Institute Cultural Activities (For programs that run during our regular sessions)
Options for field trips, activities, guest lectures and more