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Bentornati Umbra Alumni!
We’re happy that you chose to study abroad at the Umbra Institute. We hope that your experience has allowed you to develop a group of close-knit friends, create unforgettable memories, broaden your view of the world, and further enrich your résumé.

Since its fall 2000 inaugural semester, thousands of young women and men have made the same choice to study abroad at the Umbra Institute. To foster a sense of community among you and the many other Umbra alumni located around the world, it’s our aim to provide you with opportunities for continuous personal, intellectual, and professional growth by providing you with the below resources.

Alumni Re-Entry Support
Transition to Life at Home: Leaving, what has now become your home away from home, is never an easy feat. As a result, to better prepare you for your departure and adjustment back in the States, we created a Preparing to Go Home Workshop. Here, you’re given time to reflect on and process your study abroad experience and find ways to incorporate them into your lives. In addition, you learn about the various emotional states and challenges that you may incur while reintegrating into life in the US and are equipped with strategies to help you along the way.

For those of you already home who would like to receive information regarding culture shock and readjustment tips, download our “Preparing to Go Home” handbook.

Apply Study Abroad to Real Life!
After a life-changing and valuable study abroad experience, you return home with newly gained knowledge, skills, and outlook that employers are looking to hire. For that reason, we offer an International Experience Career Workshop before your departure. During this workshop, we provoke you to articulate your new-found intercultural competence, linguistic skills, and academic and volunteer experience into coherent and meaningful stories and help you integrate these into your résumé.

If you’re back home and looking to capitalize on your study abroad experience in your job search, download our career workbook, “Unpacking Your International Experience.”

Order a Transcript

At the end of your semester, the Umbra Institute sends a transcript to your home institution or the provider institution through which you studied abroad. Please note that processing may take a couple of months, depending on the procedures in place at your school. Should you wish to order any additional transcripts at any point after completing your studies with the Institute, please click here for details.

Umbra Reps Program

The Umbra Institute offers current students the opportunity to develop their networking and communication skills through the Umbra Reps Program. Each semester, five students enrolled at the Umbra Institute are chosen to share their study abroad experience at the Institute with prospective students and their families through social media outlets and/or events at their home institution.

Reps are selected through an application process, qualifying their status at Umbra, are in good academic standing, and are enthusiastic to share insights into the life of an Umbra student. All reps are required to fulfill a minimum of 7 activities (3 mandatory, 4 selected from a list of options) to be completed during their time at Umbra and upon return to their home institution. To thank our reps, we offer them a number of perks, including a free workshop, an aperitivo on Umbra, a food voucher, and Umbra gear.

For more information regarding the Umbra Reps Program, contact Ashley Ipakchi at [email protected] and/or Stefano Console at [email protected].

Check out our current Umbra Reps who would be happy to talk to you about their experience!

Featured Alumni

Every semester, students leave the Umbra Institute having had an amazing and unforgettable experience. They return home with newly gained skills and a different perspective on life. To see what they have been up to since their study abroad experience and understand how their time abroad has played a larger role in their lives, we caught up with a few of our alumni. Check out what they had to say and what advice they had to give to those interested in their own abroad experience at Umbra on our

Featured Alumni page
If you would like to be showcased on our Featured Alumni page, we would love to hear from you! Please complete this form.

Umbra Alumni Events and Reunions

Want to organize an Umbra Reunion in the States? Contact us, and we can help you publicize the event, or send us your photos so we can share them! Check out our past and current reunion events, including our annual Umbria Jazz Reunion Contest!

Wherever You Are, Stay Connected!

Creating a strong network of alumni that have shared your same experience abroad is important to your future endeavors. Click here to see what career paths your alumni peers have chosen and connect with them.

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