Interning at Umbra

Career readiness and study abroad go hand-in-hand, making the Umbra Institute an ideal provider of selective unpaid and non-credit and credit-bearing internships in Italy. Students have the option to intern each semester with Umbra, or during the summer session (post-spring semester) at the Institute, with local institutions in Perugia and the region of Umbria.

Umbra internships provide substantial opportunities to develop career readiness competencies, as defined by the U.S. National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). These enriching opportunities allow students to apply knowledge learned in the classroom as they engage in critical thinking and effective communication in an international work setting, collaborate on teams, apply technology in their field of interest, improve their intercultural fluency, identify career management goals and utilize their skills in leadership and professionalism.

The Institute staff reviews applicants carefully and matches the students’ needs and interests with the internships available. 

Semester or Longer Internships

Students may submit a request for credit- and non-credit-bearing internships for a semester or longer at the Umbra Institute. In both cases, students will work closely with Umbra staff and faculty in key functional areas. For-credit internships require tuition (see below) whilst non-credit-bearing internships have no fees and are not compensated, though the Institute may provide housing in Perugia for those who qualify. Qualified applicants will meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Studied abroad in Italy (preferably with Umbra or ISI Florence)
  • Pursuing a degree in business or international education
  • Speak Italian at the intermediate or higher level (for internships based in Italy)

Summer Internships

Summer internships are also available for credit and non-credit. Summer internships begin at the end of the Spring semester (early May) and continue through the end of the first or second summer sessions (June or July). Summer internships allow Spring semester students to remain in Perugia, work in Italy, and gain valuable experience, while at the same time, encouraging reflection on their personal and professional development as well as actively engaging them in their field of choice.

Internship Areas

Hospitality, Event Planning, Incoming Services (Umbra)
Educational Programming: Community Engagement (Umbra)
Photography & Visual Communications (Umbra)
Social Media, Marketing & Digital Communications (Umbra & ISI Abroad)
Urban Agriculture & Sustainability (Orto Sole & UniPg)
Winery & Agritourism Marketing and Sales (Terre Margaritelli)

“Interning at Umbra was an amazing experience both working with the staff and living in my new favorite city, Perugia. As an Umbra alum, I was able to see first-hand all the incredible work that goes in to providing the program. The experience was literally life-changing as my career goals now include working in international education”

Laura Bean – University of Hartford


Internship Options

Full-time Internships
Umbra accepts student interns for full-time work for a semester, summer session, or other time periods as specified by the student. Full-time interns become part of the Umbra staff and may not take any classes while interning. Both for-credit and non-credit options are available.

There are no fees for non-credit internships and all internships are uncompensated. The Institute will provide shared housing for interns free of charge. Students will be responsible for all personal expenses (meals, insurance, and transportation) for the duration of the on-site internship in Italy. Umbra can assist with securing appropriate accommodations, visa letters, student services, arrivals, and orientation.

Students participating in a credit-bearing internship will be charged 420 Euro per credit with a minimum of 3 credits per internship with a minimum of six weeks duration. 

Part-time Work-Study
Students studying at Umbra may intern or participate in non-credit work-study as part of their curriculum. Non-credit work-study may vary in hours and duration. Visit the internship course pages for more information.

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Application Procedures

Internships are highly selective. To apply, all students must submit a completed application online several months before arrival.

When applying, select either the for-credit or non-credit option (see fees above). Applicants will then be contacted by the Internship Coordinator to review their application and arrange a mandatory web-based interview. Applicants that have completed fully the application form and supervisor interview will be notified of acceptance or rejection within two weeks.

For-Credit Requirements
Interns should expect to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. For-credit interns must complete all requirements outlined in the syllabus which may include:

Time and Activity logs
Journal Entries
Career Workshop & Resume Assignment
Midterm Meeting with Supervisor
Site and Faculty Supervisor Evaluations
Final Project Portfolio 



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