University Programs in Italy

All Courses taught in English • UK/EU Scholarships Available
Accredited US University Transcript • Course Credit Transfer

EU & UK Students
Autumn, Spring or Summer Terms in Italy

The Umbra Institute is passionate about cultural exchange. That is why we are committed to offering affordable Erasmus-type programs for EU and UK students at our American university center in Italy. Imagine studying English in Italy for a semester or summer session and transferring credits back to your home university. Umbra not only makes it possible, it also makes it affordable with sponsored grants and scholarships exclusively for EU and UK citizens and students. But the real magic occurs in the classroom with our expert faculty and the truly international student life in Italy’s “UniverCity”, Perugia. Umbra is the perfect alternative to Erasmus programs in Italy.

No proficiency in Italian is required. Umbra courses are taught in English in the US tradition of higher education – small classes taught by experienced, dedicated instructors. It’s like studying in America, in Italy!

The Umbra academic calendar follows closely the of most UK universities with Autumn, Spring, and Summer terms that fit in perfectly for a term abroad. 

Courses are accredited by the United States Department of Education and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education through Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania which ensures the highest academic integrity and helps make credit transfer easy.

Studying in Perugia is not just an incredible experience, it’s an excellent resume piece, a great way to expand your educational horizons, and one of the best ways to distinguish yourself from your peers. 

The experience is truly international. Study with US students in English, in Italy, and in a city that attracts tens of thousands of Italian and international students. Ask former students about their experience at Umbra. 

EU and UK Education Grants & Scholarships make Umbra affordable. Our tuition and fees are the same or less than many UK and EU universities. See our exclusive fees for UK and EU students.

Student Life at Umbra

Cultural Immersive Experiences
Co-Curricular Activities & Travel
Health & Safety Support
Community Outreach & Engagement
Supportive & Inclusive Environment


All coursework at the Umbra Institute is underwritten by Arcadia University (Glenside, Pennsylvania – a globally recognized leader in international education for over 70 years. Arcadia University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education of the US Department of Education and its transcript is accepted by all major US colleges and universities.

Why Study Abroad at Umbra?

Studying abroad, even in another EU country, is an amazing experience. It is unique from the personal as well as academic point of view. Being for a few months in an international environment is the best opportunity to establish intercultural contacts, have valuable insight into a different culture, learn a language and grow as a person.

Travel, Live and Discover New Places
This is one of the reasons to choose study abroad. If you ask anyone what they enjoy doing in their spare time, I guarantee that the most common answer will be traveling. Can you blame them? It’s probably a part of the answer you would have given yourself as well. After all, who doesn’t enjoy seeing new places, discovering new cultures, and making new friends all around the world?

Photo: UMWEB Perugia by Dumitru_Balea

Learn a New Language
Learning a new language is one of the benefits of studying abroad. Although the whole point of attending Umbra is that you don’t have to know other foreign languages apart from English, getting to live in a foreign country for a while is a chance to develop or enhance Italian language skills.

EU and UK Students get Financial Support
This is an important aspect not many students know about. At Umbra all UK and EU students receive a study grant to reduce the tuition and program fees.  While these discounts will not cover all your expenses, it is a great help that will make studying at Umbra affordable.

Experience US Higher Education
Studying at Umbra is your pathway to the US system of higher education. If pursuing an advanced degree in the US is in your future plans, Umbra is the perfect bridge for acclimating yourself to a new education system and tradition.

Upgrade Your CV
This is one of the reasons why you should study abroad with Umbra. From an academic point of view, Umbra programs offer you an additional educational and cultural experience you wouldn’t otherwise be able to gain. You might have heard this too many times, but it does enhance your CV and it does look great in it, as a lot of employers will choose graduates who have some kind of international experience. As an Umbra alumnus, you will definitely have wider employment opportunities after graduation.

Make New Friends from All Over the World! 
Friendship is something universal in human nature, regardless of language, culture, religion, or ethnicity. It’s a wonderful thing to know you have friends beyond the borders of your country, who you can always visit or come to visit you, with whom you will always have a lot to share even though you don’t see each other every day.

Re-Discover Yourself
Self-discovery is one of the reasons why you should study abroad with Umbra. While studying abroad, you will be part of a new society in which you’ll discover new habits, learn new things and re-educate yourself. So the person you’ll become will be more worldly, more appreciative of diversity, and more tolerant. 

Explore our Program in Florence, Italy

Did you know the Umbra Institute has a sister school in Florence, Italy called The International Studies Institute (ISI Florence)? If you are looking for a larger more tourist-oriented Italian city, one that draws millions of international visitors every year for its unparalleled cultural treasures, Renaissance architecture, and masterworks of Western civilization, as well as some of the world’s greatest cuisine, then look no further than Florence, Italy. ISI Florence offers the same grants and discounts for UK and WU students that you find at Umbra. Visit our website and explore for yourself!


Recommended Application Procedures

1. Select the session you wish to study at Umbra and the courses you would like to take. Remember to consider first and second choices for each course.

2. Complete the Umbra online application as a UK or EU student.

3. Download the course syllabi which can be found on the individual course description pages. If one is not available or you need an updated version, contact us and we will be pleased to assist.

4. Speak to the academic advisor at your home university or visit the international, programs office (Erasmus, etc.) if your university has one, and inform them you wish to “study abroad” and spend a fall, spring, or summer term abroad at an accredited US university program in Perugia, Italy and would like to obtain transfer credit. Inform them your courses and grades will appear on an Arcadia University transcript.

5. Provide your advisor with the website of both the Umbra Institute and Arcadia University ( and if requested submit the course syllabi to be approved for transfer credit. 

6. Once some or all of your course selections are approved you are ready to join us! We will be in touch to assist and help prepare you for your “study abroad” experience at Umbra.