Which Best Describes Your Academic Background?

The Umbra Institute welcomes students from all backgrounds and offers academic programs that provide degree credit for students from North America, the European Union, United Kingdom, and beyond. Select the option below that best describes your academic background in order to begin planning for your experience in Perugia. 

Why Choose Umbra?

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Community Engagement

Get engaged with the local community through in-class and extracurricular activities such as service-learning and volunteer work. 

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Program Fees

Check out the fees applicable to various academic programs and ask us about scholarships!


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Are you ready for your adventure in Perugia? Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and all are encouraged to apply!


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Have You Already Applied?

If you have already submitted your Umbra Institute application and are looking for your next steps, we invite you to check out our Matriculation Checklist, designed to help you plan for departure. 




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