Bentornati! Umbra and Perugia Ready for Fall Reopening

Sep | 16

The whole Umbra Institute community is awaiting the arrival of the students in the Fall 2021 cohort, who will come to a city bathed in the later summer sun. Perugia has always been welcoming to American and all other foreign... Read More
Umbra welcomes new director… back to Perugia

Sep | 13

The Umbra Institute is welcoming back longtime staff member Zachary Nowak back to Perugia—now as the new director. Nowak started working at Umbra in 2005 as a study services assistant. After learning the ropes helping professors attach their laptops to... Read More
5 Things to Pack for Your Fall Semester in Perugia

Sep | 02

Are you planning to study abroad in Perugia, Italy this fall? We at the Umbra Institute have constructed a list of 5 things you shouldn’t forget to pack for your fall abroad in Perugia. This list is not everything you... Read More
Alum Looks Back and Gives Tips for Working in Corporate

Aug | 11

  An Interview with Ariel Stern Umbra Institute Fall 2013 Alum from Brandeis University This article is part of Umbra’s Alumni Success Series. Study abroad inspires students from all backgrounds and with all sorts of career goals. Therefore, each article... Read More
Love Letter to Perugia

Aug | 11

  By Claudia Conrad, Umbra Spring 2020 Alum   Dear Perugia, I must confess something… I love you. I may not be from you, but you have made me feel more than welcomed, and there’s no other place that makes... Read More
Returning Home: Demonstrating your Experience

Jul | 18

Once the semester ends you will be thinking of getting back to your friends and family, settling back into your old routine, and even how to deal with reverse culture shock. But it is also very important for you to... Read More

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