Scholarships & Financial Aid

In general, all federal financial aid, excluding Federal Work-Study, should be available as long as students are earning credits toward their degrees while abroad. This includes Pell Grants, guaranteed student loans, and PLUS Loans. Nearly all states also allow state financial aid to go with students abroad; however, students should discuss policies regarding state and institutional aid with their study abroad or financial aid office.

When determining your financial needs, make sure to include all possible expenses, including the program fee (tuition and housing), airfare, meals, books, field trips, course fees, materials, insurance, Permit of Stay, cell phone, personal travel, and miscellaneous purchases.

If you are anticipating financial aid that will not be available before your program fee is due, you must arrange for Umbra to receive official written notification of the source, amount, and release date of the funding. When we get this information from your financial aid officer or from the funding source, Umbra will note the amount expected and defer the payment of that portion of your fee until the specified date.

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Umbra Institute Scholarships

The Umbra Institute offers scholarships for those who qualify the selection for the scholarship is based on the following criteria:

  • Academic excellence and intellectual passion
  • A great distinction in their desire to study abroad in Italy
  • Demonstrated need for financial assistance

Candidates must first complete the online application to be considered for scholarships and grants. Indicate in the application essay your request for a scholarship fund.

The Perugia Sister City Scholarship

Residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan, or Seattle, Washington are eligible for the Umbra-Perugia Sister City Scholarship. Awards vary from $500 to $2,000.00. To apply, complete the Umbra online application and indicate your eligibility and request to be considered for the Perugia Sister City Scholarship. You must then submit the application found here.

Marc & Lois Tartaglia Scholarship

Any UConn, Maryland, or Penn State student that has applied to study at the Umbra Institute during the fall semester is eligible. For more details on how to request scholarship funds, contact your study abroad advisor.

Anna Girolimetti Italian Language & Culture Scholarship 

This scholarship is available to female students between the ages of 18 and 23 studying at an accredited university in the United States, and that meet the following criteria: Enrollment in the semester’s Italian Language and Culture Program, and Demonstration of excellence in academics or financial need.
To apply, click here

ISI Abroad Work Study Grants

Each year, ISI Abroad offers tens of thousands of dollars for need-based and diversity scholarships, grants, and discounts for promising students hoping to study abroad in Florence and Perugia, Italy. To help expand the funding available, ISI Abroad has created the Work-Study Project program. This program provides funding for qualifying students in exchange for a small project that can be easily performed by students while abroad. These projects not only enhance the study abroad experience and afford students extra funding, but also provide a valuable service for the Institute and help improve the program for future participants.

To be considered for a Work Study Grant, students must have submitted their Umbra Institute application form and must then apply for the Work Study. Click Here for more information and apply.

SYA Alumni Scholarships

SYA alums likely remember their amazing experience abroad, whether it was in Viterbo or one of the other locations. The Umbra Institute, which offers a full range of courses for undergraduates, is actively recruiting SYA alumni/ae. This offer is especially relevant for grads of the Viterbo program but is not limited to students who were in Italy. All SYA alumni are eligible. Of particular interest to Viterbo alums is the Umbra Institute’s program in Food, Sustainability, & Environment, which is similar to the Applied Agroecology that SYA Viterbo alums took during their year abroad. Click Here to Learn More and Apply.

The Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships (FEA)

US citizens or permanent residents enrolled in an undergraduate program at an American college or university could be eligible for scholarships offered through the Fund for Education Abroad. All are welcome to apply, though preference is given to traditionally underrepresented students within the study abroad community and students who demonstrate financial need. Such groups include first-generation college students, minority students, and community college students, as well as others. Click here for more information about funding amounts and application components. 

Easy, No Essay College Scholarships

Many partial scholarships don’t have restrictions on how many you can qualify for, so it’s wise to apply for as many as possible. While some scholarships have an intense application process, there are plenty of options that are far more accessible. We’ve compiled a list of no-essay scholarships that don’t take more than a few minutes to apply for.

Shawn Carter Foundation Scholarships

The Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund is open to US citizens or Permanent residents at 25 years old or younger with a minimum GPA of 2.0, with preference given to non-traditional students (from single-parent households, first-generation students, etc.). Applications are open during the month of April. Click here for more details.

Gilman Scholarships

Students receiving a Pell Grant may be eligible for this scholarship which provides $5,000 for any semester or year abroad. Check out the Institute of International Education Gilman Scholarship website for details.

National Italian American Scholarships

The National Italian American Foundation offers a long list of scholarship opportunities. Scholarship amounts vary and are not solely applicable to study abroad. View available scholarships online to see if you are eligible to apply.

Italian Cultural Society of Washington D.C. Scholarships

ICS offers awards and scholarships to university students in the D.C. area who are engaged in Italian language study. You can click here to learn more about available awards and eligibility. Awards are also available for students under 31 who excel in Latin and/or Greek, piano performance, painting, and art or art history.

National Organization of Italian-American Women Scholarships

NOIAW sponsors scholarships for Italian American women with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and demonstration of financial need, enrolled at an accredited US institution of higher education. Click here to learn more about eligibility and the application process. The winner of the scholarship must have at least one parent of Italian descent.

Other Forms of Funding

Students who go on study abroad programs say the experience profoundly influences their way of thinking. To study abroad is to undertake an adventure that will expose you to new customs and languages, new ways of thinking, and new and different ways to live. But often it requires finding ways to fund the adventure. If your financial aid does not cover all the anticipated expenses, you may consider private sources of funding and scholarships.

Government and Private Funding: