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An English Accent In Corso Vannucci

In addition to bringing presents to Italian children all over Italy, the Befana (Italy’s kindhearted “Christmas witch”) brought over two hundred students to Perugia this past weekend. Having braved winter storms, trans-Atlantic flights, and fronts of crummy weather here in Italy, Americans from Hawaii to Maine finally climbed the ancient Umbrian hill, settling in to what will be their homes for the next semester.

Students were heartily welcomed by the Director of the Academic Program, Dr. Carol Clark, and the rest of the Umbra staff at the Institute’s Spring 2008 Orientation. After what must have seemed like a blur of practical walking tours, appointments for cell phones, and registration formalities students made for their new apartments, some offering sweeping views of the valley, or even frescoed ceilings.

This week students will complete Umbra’s intensive Italian program, designed to provide practical Italian for everyday life, but regular Umbra events will start soon – keep checking for updates!

In photo above, Danielle Scugoza, Coordinator for Italy programs at Arcadia University’s Center for Education Abroad, joins the Spring 2008 students at Orientation.

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