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Another Kind of Chocolate

Though the tents that shelter all the stands haven’t started appearing yet in Corso Vannucci, the Eurochocolate “Festival” isn’t far away. Perugia’s famous for that felicitous marriage of cocoa, milk, and sugar because of the long tradition of chocolate here (beginning with the Perugina Confectionery Company, born over a hundred years ago), and the city rightly becomes the temporary capital of dark sweetness every October.But this year, as for the past ten years, there will be an alternative to the fast-food approach to chocolate.

Altrocioccolato (literally “another chocolate”), a festival organized to promote fair trade brands, will be held in the nearby city of Castiglione del Lago from October 15th to 17th. In addition to free concerts and seminars about fair trade, the festival will feature (of course!) fair trade chocolate from all over the world.

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