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Aperitivo 101

Aperitivo ImageWhat do the ancient Egyptians, eighteenth-century Italians, and students at the Umbra Institute have in common? They all think that “Appetite comes while eating” (L’appetito viene mangiando). Yesterday Umbra food history professor Zachary Nowak took a group of students to a local café, where he explained the age-old social outing that the Italians call aperitivo. One goes to a café at 7 or 8 in the evening, orders a small drink, and gets a buffet included in the price. Nowak explained both the typical drinks (the Spritz, made with prosecco and neon-red Aperol Bitter, as well as the Campari Orange) as well as the social geography of the aperitivo. Italians tend to use it as a way to go out with friends without having to make dinner or be out late, and students take advantage of being able to pay for a drink but eat as well. The next Umbra Food Workshop is next Monday: Pizza-Making!

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