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Art History Class Studies Renaissance Florence

In an effort to expand the curriculum beyond the classroom, several Umbra courses will take class field trips. This weekend, the Survey of Renaissance Art class was the first to take the excursion. Art history students, led by Professor Sheri Shaneyfelt, visited six churches and museums throughout Florence to study the sculpture, frescoes, paintings, and architecture of the Renaissance.

Among other works, students studied Donatello’s David in the Bargello Museum, Botticelli’s Primavera in the Uffizi Gallery, the architecture of San Lorenzo, Giotto’s frescoes in Santa Croce, and the famous dome designed by Brunelleschi atop Florence’s duomo. Other classes to incorporate trips as part of the curriculum are Food Cultures of Italy, The Roman Empire, Perugia Through the Ages, Special Topics in Art History: Michelangelo, and Archeology of Italy.

In photos: the Survey of Renaissance Art class pauses for an espresso and a group photo atop the Uffizi gallery with the Florence duomo in the background, Prof. Sheri Shaneyfelt teaches onsite in Florence (right).

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