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Basketball: Umbra vs. Onaosi

On October 7th, a group of eight students from the Umbra Institute participated in a friendly game of hoops against the Fondazione Onaosi Perugia basketball team. Fondazione Onaosi is a dormitory in Perugia for Italian students. Although the students from Umbra had never before played together, they brought strong spirit, sportsmanship, and energy to the game. A large group of more than 15 Umbra students and four accompanying Italian tutors also attended the match to support and cheer on their peers. Even though Team Umbra did not win, it was evident that the students enjoyed the challenge and the new experience of playing against an all-Italian team.

The team was composed of:

Michael Ioffredo

Anni Villeme

Bryce Loebel

Joe Orner

Kevin Schaddock

Matthew Czuj

Tyler Houston
Emma Cordell

Teams Umbra and Onasi
Teams Umbra and Onasi

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