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Coffee Workshop Goes Cold

Cold coffee, that is! Yesterday afternoon was the much-anticipated Coffee Safari that Umbra offers each semester as part of its food-engagement extracurriculars. Students studying at Umbra’s Summer Session took a break from the books and headed out on a short traipse around the center, learning about the various “personalities” of the center’s cafés (sleek perugini here, Bohemiens there) before sitting down at Bar Turreno for the coffee itself.

Staff member Zach Nowak ordered a variety of caffeine-filled cups –caffè macchiato, marocchino, caffè freddo, caffè sciakerato, latte macchiato freddo — that students sipped on; meanwhile Nowak explained the location of each coffee in Italy’s “social geography”: cappuccino for Italians is a morning drink, for example, and ordering it after lunch will raise eyebrows of Italian waiters, while an espresso in a little glass vup (caffè in vetro) is a touch of elegance. Because of the heat, most of the coffees were cold, though, like caffè freddo and caffè sciakerato. This last delectable treat is made of two shots of espresso shaken with ice and a little sugar in a cocktail shaker, then poured, foam and all, into a cocktail glass!

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