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  • Discipline(s): Art Studio Art
  • Available: Fall Semester 2023 Spring Semester 2023
  • Course Type: Courses with Service Learning
  • Taught in: English
  • Course Fee: $ 30.00
  • Credits: 3
  • Course Travel: No

ART 215: Photography: Portfolio of Perugia

Notes: This course cannot be taken concurrently with ART 230: Visual Communication: Storytelling through Photography. This course was formerly ARPH 210.

Course Description
This course will introduce students to the fundamentals of photography. No previous photographic experience is required. The focus will be to capture and record the students’ experience in Italy through weekly photowalks around Perugia, an ancient Umbrian hilltop town, as well as to create a portfolio of these images. The class will explore the cultural phenomenon of photography and the role it plays in society. Students will learn basic concepts, processes, and techniques, including camera usage; exposure controls; manipulating and printing digital photographic images; and print presentation. At the end of the semester, all the photographs will be displayed at the Umbra Art Show.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course, students will have:

  • developed an understanding of photographic language;
  • acquired a more critical eye in evaluating and reading photographic images;
  • achieved proficiency in editing and optimizing digital images; and.
  • gained insight into the creation, use, and presentation of photographic images.

Course Materials

  • Book: Meyerowitz, Joel, 2016 Seeing Things Aperture, New York.
  • A course reader
  • Digital Camera: point and shoot, single-lens reflex and iPhone, and GoPro cameras welcome

Course Fee
$30.00 – Includes photography materials.

Service Learning Project Description
You will collaborate with RE.LEG.ART, a small social co-operative in Perugia that trains workers with special needs to make handmade leather goods and handbound books. You will help the company promote their innovative, MADE IN ITALY creations as well as their philosophy of inclusion for online and print material by photographing their newest products using the city of Perugia as a creative backdrop. At the end of the semester, you will present your project to the Umbra community.