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Crash Course!

This week the halls of the Umbra Institute are humming from early morning (early at least by college student standards) to late afternoon. You won’t hear “Where’s Classroom 2?” or “Wanna go for pizza?” but rather “Dov’è Aula 2?” and “Andiamo per una pizza?” Some of this semester’s student body have never had an Italian course, and given that they’re on a “crash course” with Italian culture, the first week of classes are all dedicated to “survival Italian.”

Multiple hours a day of lectures and interactive activities prepare students for a variety of situations. How do you read the schedule for the Perugian buses? How many grams of prosciutto do you need for two sandwiches? What size shoe do I wear? These basic concepts are the focus of this week’s lessons, aimed at developing grammar and vocabulary for practical use. Benvenuti!!!!

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