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Education Students Visit Local Primary Schools

IMG_1288 As in previous semesters, students will return to provide an interactive language and culture lesson

The Umbra Institute encourages students studying abroad in Perugia, Italy to take on service learning projects that involve them in the local community. On Friday, October 14th, PYHD 430: Human Development in Culture students took advantage of the opportunity to visit a local Montessori school, and Fabbretti primary school.

When visiting, students were tasked with investigating classroom organization and how primary school students and teachers interact. They also got the chance to engage in curricular activities with primary school students. Their experiences in Italian classrooms will be used for their final project, an ethnographic research project on their choice of a topic such as: enculturation, acculturation, mental health across cultures, education across cultures, and dimensionalizing cultures.

Students will visit the schools again to provide English language classes with an interactive lesson on American culture, which they will design.

The class is open to all students, and is particularly interesting for students who study education, psychology, or sociology. 

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