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Exploring the Bay of Naples

This weekend was the first of two optional Umbra trips this semester. Students spent three days touring Amalfi coast from visiting the ruins of Pompeii and basking in the sun on the isle of Capri to enjoying pizza from the very place it was invented.

Departing Perugia in the early hours on Friday, students spent the afternoon touring the ruins of the Roman colony, Pompeii, after it was destroyed by the eruption ofMt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. They then boarded a ferry from Beverello Portin Naples and headed straight to Ischia.

Saturday was spent on the island of Capri with some of the most beautiful weather in recent memory. A few students rented private boats and swam in and out of Capri’s many hidden grottoes. Others did some shopping and took the chairlift to Mt. Solaro (Capri’s highest point) to enjoy breathtaking views of the crystal blue and green water. Others still, headed to the rocky beach for a day of relaxation. Whether it be hiking, shopping, swimming or just relaxing, Capri offered something for everyone. Upon return to the hotel on the island of Ischia, many students took advantage of the five pools, indoor and outdoor, to round out the day.

But the weekend wasn’t over yet! On Sunday, the students headed to the bustling city of Naples. Most students toured around the center of the city visiting sites, shopping and tasting some of Naples’ most famous pastries. Some students dined at Pizzeria Brandi, where the pizza Margherita was invented in 1780, before boarding the bus and leaving southern Italy behind.

In Photos: Students from Elon University dine at Pizzeria Brandi

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