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Fall Break 2007!

After reviews, papers, project deadlines, late nights at the library for last-minute cramming, yesterday marked the end of mid-terms. Fall Break 2007 has officially begun!

While some students plan to stay in Italy and scour the must-see sights, others have spend the better part of October organizing, plotting and artfully contriving ways of seeing as much of Europe as they possibly can in one week’s time.

With their passport and Euro rail passes in hand, along with an assortment of low-cost airlines to choose from, students take full advantage of having Europe at their doorstep. This year’s most popular destinations among students include Barcelona, Paris, Dublin, Brussels,Prague and Budapest. A few students have even left directly from Perugia on Ryan Air’s two-hour direct flight to London.

Besides air transportation, some students have chosen to see Europeby hitting the high seas of the Mediterranean. In and out of the ports ofItaly, Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Spain students sample, savor and relish the best of what each country has to offer.

However students choose to spend their break—plane, train or by boat—we wish them safe and happy trails!

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