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What do I need to prepare for attending the program?

If you have successfully completed the application and been accepted into the program, you are now ready for the next level of preparation. You will be sent a Student Handbook that will contain everything you need to know to prepare for your experience abroad, but we cannot emphasize enough the need to:

  • Read the Student Handbook carefully and fully;
  • Save as much money as possible – you can always use extra while abroad;
  • Make copies of your passport and all important documents and cards in your purse or wallet in case they are lost or stolen;
  • Make a budget that considers all expenses while abroad – books, meals, course lab fees, personal travel, Permit of Stay, etc;
  • Get a laptop and bring it with you if possible;
  • Understand that there will be challenges as well as amazing opportunities while studying abroad – keep an open mind and make a firm commitment to complete the program.

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