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Gabrielle Sherman

Misericordia University

Fall 18 Rep

[email protected]

Hi! My name is Gabrielle Sherman and I am a student at Misericordia University majoring in Speech Language Pathology. At the Umbra Institute, I was enrolled in the General Studies Program. Choosing the Umbra Institute as my school of study while I was abroad was the best decision I had ever made! The courses were interesting, and they challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone, as well as the professors who were extremely helpful and engaging with the material. The mandatory Italian class fully prepared me for living in a country where I did not know the language at all, including how to order food and how to communicate with people that you see in town! In addition to the Italian class, I very much enjoyed Introduction to Photography and the History and Culture of Food in Italy.

Overall, Perugia was an absolutely beautiful city to study in and allowed me to immerse myself in the true Italian culture that you miss out on if you study in Rome or Florence! My time in Perugia was something out of a fairytale. I found friends that became family and made memories that I will hold onto forever. In addition, while studying at the Umbra Institute, I was able to travel all over, trying new foods and meeting interesting individuals. If you are looking to find home in your study abroad experience, come to the hidden treasure that is Perugia, Italy! ​