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Justin Lewis

Arcadia University

Fall 18 Rep

[email protected]

My name is Justin Lewis and I am a Computer Science major at Arcadia University. At Umbra, I was in the Direct Enrollment program at the University for Foreigners. One of my favorite things about the Umbra Institute is their effort to improve students’ language skills like me who are interested in the full-immersion program. Also, Umbra does a great job at organizing events to help bring all of the students together, especially with free pizza. It would be impossible to list all the things I love about Perugia but one thing, in particular, is the atmosphere. Being in a small, medieval town without many other Americans or tourists is the opposite of the experience one would have in a city like Rome or Florence. While both of those are great cities, the sense of history that comes with living in Perugia is unmatched. Not to mention how many interesting locations there are to explore and amazing restaurants there are to try here in the city.