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Feeling at Home in Perugia

One of the comments that almost every Umbra student makes about Perugia regards how easy it is to feel at home: “When I travel on the weekend, I can’t wait to get home to Perugia on Sunday – it’s such a livable city, and I already feel like I’m part of the culture.” From learning the tricks of the city – like which random doorways, gated and closed during the day, turn into late-night bakeries selling fresh pastries – to developing a relationship with the barista in the café under your house, it’s almost effortless to integrate yourself in Perugia.

Some, like full-immersion student Taylor Campbell, even join local sports teams like the Università per Stranieri rugby team as a way to work on their Italian and get some exercise while doing it. Beyond rugby, there is also a lacrosse team, a flag football team, and a huge variety of groups like the Perugian outdoors club, which organizes camping and hiking trips both in Umbria and beyond!

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