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Going Places

With mid-terms coming to an end, (HOORAY!) and spring break fast approaching (HIP-HIP HOORAY!) we know that many of you Umbra students will leave your text books behind for the week and head out of Italy on an adventure across Europe.

As you’ve probably already had the opportunity to experience this semester, Italy’s central European location makes jetting off to popular destinations like Paris and Prague pretty easy. From Perugia, you’ll take a two-hour bus or train ride to Rome where you’ll hop on a low-cost airline which will take you to your chosen destination.

Depending on where you’re going, you’ll probably experience even more means of transportation once you arrive. If you’re going to Paris, you’ll hop on the metro. If you’re in London, you’ll “mind the gap” and get on the tube. If you’re going to be in Amsterdam, you’ll see that bicycles are a popular choice for getting around. And if you go to Greece or Croatia, you’ve probably got a few ferries to catch. 

Wherever this break may take you, from Croatia or the Canary Islands, happy trails and safe travel to you!

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