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GOOOOOOOALLLLLL! Umbra Soccer Takes Off

This semester Umbra Italian Professor Giuliano Agamennoni took it upon himself to organize Umbra’s first-ever soccer team! The team met every Sunday afternoon, leaving the students plenty of time for studying and travelling the rest of the week.


 Professor Agamennoni noted that, “We know many Americans love soccer and play in the States, so we wanted to give them the opportunity to continue to play here in Italy – especially as it is the country’s most popular sport!”

“The first meeting had only six students, but by the final match there were 15 – not including the large group of spectators cheering on their classmates! This is the principle object of the project: to spend time together, have fun, and play a little soccer.”

What does the future hold for Umbra Soccer? Hopefully, within-Umbra tournaments amongst three or more teams, as well as a match against our sister school, ISI Florence, to experience, as Professor Agamennoni puts it, “the joy of competition!”

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