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Mauro Goes to the Post Office: How to Send Packages

Like many an Umbra student before, you may have gone a little overboard in the souvenir department and find yourself in need of extra suitcase space. Don’t worry: Those boots / that leather jacket / those 90 scarves really were an investment! And Mom and Dad will love the hand-painted spoons. One ex-studentessa who shall not be named once accidentally purchased five of those giant green (and very expensive) tins of olive oil on a field trip to an Umbrian farm, so … you can only go up from there.

Regardless, we present you with a five-step guide to sending a package through the Italian post office.

In bocca al lupo!

Step One: Find the Post Office

The post office is located on Piazza Matteotti, which runs parallel to Corso Vannucci. From the Umbra Institute on Via Bartolo, walk down Vannucci, turn left on Via Mazzini, and take another left through the wired doors. The post office is open Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Step Two: Buy a Box

When you walk in the front doors, a supply store will be on your right. The boxes are clearly

marked and located to the left of the register.




Step Three: Prepare the Package

After you’ve put your goods into the box, write the to-and-from addresses on the label. Don’t forget to stick the indigo-colored tape strips that came with the box within the dotted lines.


Step Four: Take a Number

Under the “biglietti” sign, take a number for “spedizione e ritiro lettere e pachi.” Then you wait: Watch the registers for your number. The post office is generally busy, so anticipate a 15- to 30-minute wait. Bring a book or a friend (or a Mauro).




Step Five: Send Your Package

Once your number flashes on the screen above the register, take your package. The post office employee will weigh your package and give you a green customs slip on which you will check if it’s a gift (regalo), documents (documenti), business goods (campione commerciale), or other (altro). Next, describe its contents and weight. You can write in English. When finished, sign and date the bottom of the slip. Finally, you’re done! Your package will arrive anytime between three weeks or three months, so don’t be concerned if you have to wait, Italy-style.

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