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…Lacrosse? In Italy?

As hard as it is to believe, Perugia actually has its own amateur team, Phoenix Perugia Lacrosse (website in Italian). Several Umbra students have been going to play with them two to three times per week to get out in the sun (it’s still surprisingly warm for mid-October), practice their Italian, and get some exercise. 

Lacrosse in Italy is still a relatively young, having only been around for two years, so having the Americans around is a huge help to the Italian players’ game, while having the Italians around allows the Americans the chance to go places (restaurants, cafes, and places in Italy) that they might’ve never seen otherwise.

Some of the team members are on the national team, and extra helmets floating around practice make for great photo ops, as with the decidedly non-posed photo of student Matt Pastorius to the right.

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