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Mario Pirovano Performs Johan Padan!

Last night Umbra students witnessed renowned Mario Pirovano deliver a captivating performance of Johan Padan and the Discovery of America. Written by Nobel Prize winning play-write Dario Fo, Johan Padan tells the winding and at times unbelievable story of a man who, in an effort to flee the Inquisition, joins Christopher Columbus on his fourth voyage to the New World.

Mario Pirovano wove a wonderful story for the attending students, soliciting a ride range of emotions ranging from hysterical laughter to moving silence.

Sig. Pirovano’s singular two-scene act came as a part of Umbra’s week of special academic events, during which students have the chance to participate in a number of curricular or extracurricular activities, such as art shows, literary readings, and film festivals. Keep checking the blog to find out what happens next!

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