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One Month In!

It’s hard to believe it, but one month has already passed since the Fall 2011 student first arrived in Perugia. Since then, they’ve traveled to Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Cinque Terre, and many other places; those who spoke Italian before arriving are finding that it comes easier to them, and those who never spoke it are finding their vocabulary and ordering cornetti and cappuccino with abandon. It really is an impressive transformation.

So what’s the next step? Integrating yourself further by finding new things to do! Two students are playing with and helping the local lacrosse team, one is DJing at a major venue, and another – an aspiring opera singer – is auditing an opera-related course (in Italian!) at a local university. Staff member Julie Falk is also helping students to find volunteeer opportunities while abroad; many are helping out with a UNICEF project! There is no shortage of ways to truly apply your knowledge of Italian language and culture when you come to study abroad in Perugia.

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